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    • Welcome to Elevate - Start Here

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    • Nourish Lesson PDF

    • Elevate Workbook Part 2

    • Nourish - Introduction

    • Basics of Nutrition

    • Nutrition Mythbusters

    • Prebiotics & Fibre

    • The Low FODMAP Diet

    • Nourish Summary

    • Questions for Nourish Q&A

    • Basics of Nutrition

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    The Mind-Gut Connection

    • The Mind-Gut Connection Lesson PDF

    • Introduction

    • Balancing Two Nervous Systems

    • The Vagus Nerve

    • Breath Work

    • Summary

    • Elevate Workbook Part 3

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    Sleep Mastery

    • Sleep Mastery Lesson PDF

    • Elevate Workbook Part 4

    • Introduction

    • Sleep Facts

    • Bad Sleep Habits

    • Sleep Hacking

    • Natural Sleep Aids

    • Summary

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    Hormone Happiness

    • Hormone Happiness Lesson PDF

    • Elevate Workbook Part 5

    • Introduction

    • Hormones 101

    • Cycle Masterclass

    • Hormone Disruptors

    • Hormone Support

    • Hormone Summary

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    • Troubleshooting PDF

    • Elevate Workbook Part 6 - Final

    • Introduction

    • Putting it all together

    • Further Evaluation

    • Flare ups

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    BONUS: Thyroid Mastery

    • Thyroid Masterclass PDF

    • Thyroid Masterclass Video

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    BONUS: Mindset Mastery

    • Mindset Mastery Video

    • Mindset Mastery PDF

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    The Elevate Community

    • Join us in the Community

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    Elevate Conclusion & Thank You!

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Bonus material

Include additional content to your course curriculum to provide further value to your students.

  • BONUS: Thyroid Mastery

    Experiencing thyroid issues and gut health issues? This is really common because your thyroid controls your metabolism and this includes your digestion. We’ll explore this intricate connection in this info-packed bonus module. You’ll learn: How the thyroid impacts digestion and movement in the digestive tract. How to keep your thyroid happy.

  • BONUS: Mindset Mastery

    You’ve probably heard this before: Your mind controls the whole show. And it’s true – your thoughts are a main character when it comes to your gut function. If your thoughts and the way that you speak to yourself is negative and critical, this will be reflected, physiologically, in your gut. You’ll learn: How negative thoughts and self-talk can affect how your gut physically functions. How to understand and adapt your mindset as a key step in healing your gut.

  • BONUS: Elevate Community

    Ever felt alone in your gut health journey? Oftentimes, this journey through digestive health feels isolating, but we’re all in this together. Our Facebook community is an open and welcoming place where we’ll support each other through struggles and celebrate our health wins. I’ll also hold my monthly Q&A sessions in the group.

Meet your Elevate your Gut Mentor

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Melissa Bucking ND

Hi there! I’m Dr. Melissa Bucking, a naturopathic doctor based in Ontario. I have a passion for all things gut health. When I was 16 years old, I started having a BUNCH of digestive issues. I was always in excruciating pain and running to the washroom. Unfortunately after endless testing and doctor’s visits, I was left without a diagnosis or a plan of action. However, I didn’t lose hope. I was determined to figure out what was going on in my body. And with the help of my studies at university and medical school, I healed my gut. Now, I help my patients who are dealing with digestive issues understand where their symptoms are coming from and provide them a plan of action for long-term results. Because here’s the thing – no matter what other specialists have told you, there’s a reason why you’re experiencing your symptoms. And I’m here to provide you with resources to help uncover them and actionable steps you can take each day to elevate your gut.


  • Does this course provide treatment options?

    This course is for educational purposes only. While I am a naturopathic doctor and have provided my 1:1 patients with successful treatment options, I can’t do this for you. However, I know that understanding the basics of gut health will empower you to make well-informed decisions. This knowledge will also help you have deeper conversations with your physician to co-create the optimal treatment plan for you.

  • I’m dealing with gut issues, but I’m not sure if this course is for me. Will I benefit from the program?

    Gut health is very complex! We’re each unique individuals. While we may share similar symptoms, this doesn’t mean we’re going through the exact same thing. You may require additional treatment. However, this course will provide you good foundational gut knowledge.

  • What time are the live Q&A calls? What if I can’t make them

    The times are TBD but the schedule will be posted in our Facebook group. If you can’t make the calls, they will be recorded for you to view later. You’ll also have the opportunity to submit questions beforehand – so even if you can’t make it live, your specific questions will still be answered.